Eleonora Papadimitriou participates in H2020 project i-DREAMS

Nieuws - 30 januari 2019 - Webredactie

The project i-DREAMS - “Safety tolerance zone calculation and interventions for driver-vehicle-environment interactions under challenging conditions” was granted under H2020 call topic MG-2.1-2018-‘Human Factors in Transport Safety’.

The objective of the project is to setup a framework for the definition, development, testing and validation of a context-aware ‘safety tolerance zone’ for on-road driving, within a smart Driver and Road Environment Assessment and Monitoring System (i-DREAMS). Taking into account, on the one hand, driver-related background factors and real-time risk-related physiological indicators, and on the other hand, driving task complexity indicators, a continuous real-time monitoring will be made to determine if a driver is within acceptable boundaries of safe operation. Moreover, safety interventions (both real-time and post-trip) will be developed to prevent drivers from getting too close to the boundaries of unsafe operation and to bring drivers back into the safety tolerance zone. Application areas include: new road safety interventions, improved driver well-being, and transfer of control between human and vehicle.