Activating Intelligence in Building Lasting and Liveable Environments

The built environment faces major societal challenges. Planners, architects, and citizens using or living in these spaces may all have different views and priorities – so any strategy for dealing with the challenges involved must incorporate different preferences into the design process.

The AiBLE Lab will investigate how AI can be developed and used in complex real-world scenarios. Our aim is to help reach effective, transparent and lasting decisions and agreements. This means incorporating human feedback into the loop, iteratively improving decision-making and driving behaviour changes. We focus on two important built environment challenges: energy transition and circularity. By using AI to augment human intelligence and support negotiation continuously – while adapting to and driving human behaviour – the AiBLE Lab will close the policy-practice gap responsibly and inclusively. We also aim to accelerate the adoption and acceptance of AI.

The AiBLE Lab Lab is part of the TU Delft AI Labs programme.

The Team



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