Boon, M.M.


Maartje Boon holds an MSc in Hydrogeology from Utrecht University and obtained her PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College London where she worked on reactive transport with applications for geological carbon sequestration. She did a Postdoc at the Stanford ERE department focussing on the impact of rock-structure heterogeneity on multi-phase flow properties and its implications for geological carbon sequestration. For her work she combines numerical and analytical modelling tools with experimental observations.


Subsurface storage has the potential to play a key role in the transition towards renewable energy sources and has been the focus of Maartje Boon’s work. She currently works on underground energy storage in the form of hydrogen in the group of Prof. Hadi Hajibeygi where she leads the hydrogen lab. She combines experimental, numerical and computational modelling tools to get a better understanding of flow and (reactive) transport processes in heterogeneous reservoirs.

Educational activities

Instructor for AESM1325 Physics for Geosystems lecture on Upscaling

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Dr. Maartje Boon


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