Ice sheet and glacier change

Ongoing projects

The NWO-funded VIDI project “Disentangling ice loss of mountain glaciers and ice caps” combines observations from gravimetry, topography changes from altimetry and changes in the flow speed of the glaciers with model data to obtain a clear picture of the current mass loss of glaciers and ice caps worldwide and the driving forces behind it.

The research group EarthMapps is busy with two projects funded by NWO that combine remote sensing with snow modelling to investigate the SMB of Greenland (“Remote sensing of snow properties”) and Antarctica (“Mass2Ant”).

Within the projects “CoupledIceClim” (ERC) and “Future Coupled Evolution of Greenland ice sheet and climate” (NWO), we investigate the last, ongoing and future deglaciations with an ice sheet model (CISM) coupled to an earth system model (CESM).