Dr. G. (Geet) George


I am Geet and I study tropical clouds and the role that atmospheric circulations play in regulating them. I use a varied set of observations for this purpose, ranging from field measurements to satellites. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geosciences and Remote Sensing. To know more about my work, please visit my personal page at geet-george.github.io


AESB2122 Signals and Systems with Python (2023/24 Q1)


George, G., Stevens, B., Bony, S., Vogel, R., & Naumann, A. K. (2023). Widespread shallow mesoscale circulations observed in the trades. Nature Geoscience, 1-6.

Vogel, R., Albright, A. L., Vial, J., George, G., Stevens, B., & Bony, S. (2022). Strong cloud–circulation coupling explains weak trade cumulus feedback. Nature, 612(7941), 696-700.

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George, G., Stevens, B., Bony, S., Pincus, R., Fairall, C., Schulz, H., ... & Radtke, J. (2021). JOANNE: Joint dropsonde Observations of the Atmosphere in tropical North atlaNtic meso-scale Environments. Earth System Science Data, 13(11), 5253-5272.

George, G., Stevens, B., Bony, S., Klingebiel, M., & Vogel, R. (2021). Observed impact of mesoscale vertical motion on cloudiness. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 78(8), 2413-2427.

Stevens, B., Bony, S., Farrell, D., Ament, F., Blyth, A., Fairall, C., (incl. George, G.) ... & Holanda, B. (2021). EUREC4A. Earth System Science Data, 13(8), 4067-4119.

Personal Page

Personal Page

Geet George

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