Teigiserova, D.A.


Dominika Alexa Teigiserova hold a bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering from Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia and MSc in Environmental Engineering from University of Southern Denmark.

She has a PhD in Circular Economy of Food Waste from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Her focus is on combination of multi-disciplinary knowledge to create sustainable circular economy, and inclusive waste valorisation.


Her postdoctoral research is focused on The Circular Road’ project, which introspects infrastructure as a service to reach sustainable and attainable circular economy in the construction sector.

The project looks at transition aspects and challenges of market potential, economic feasibility, the role of government and private sector, environmental sustainability, and construction waste valorisation.

Through her PhD, Dominika also maintain activities connected to circular bioeconomy, and valorisation of biowaste, and evaluation of biowaste systems.

  • The Circular Road – Infra as a Service

Dominika Teigiserova

Postdoctoral research fellow

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Integral Design Management

Design & Integration

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