Wim Bastiaanssen

Prof. Dr. Wim G.M. Bastiaanssen is a Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at the Delft University of Technology in the topic Earth Observations for Water Resources Management on a part time basis since 2007. Wim is specialized in river basin and agricultural water management (irrigation & drainage). He is a scientist with relevant working experience at field scale, regional scale and global scale. His interests is in the interpretation of satellite physical measurements and believes that “every pixel talks”. Pixels provide a story that becomes complete if complementary earth observation systems are used. As long as in situ sensors are rarely functional and accessible and numerical models are based on various assumptions, satellite measurements are an adequate solution for diagnosing water resources management situations for data scarce areas.

Wim is the original developer of the Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) that has been applied in more than 30 countries worldwide. SEBAL has been tested by many peers under widely diverging circumstances. The main SEBAL paper is cited more than 2000 times since its appearance in 1998. During 2017, PySEBAL has been developed that computes hot and cold pixels automatically, one of the issues often raised in evaluation studies. In addition to SEBAL, Professor Bastiaanssen developed new tools such as ETLook, the Water Productivity Score (WPS) and most importantly, the Water Accounting Plus (WA+) system. WA+ is a new water accounting system that computes radiation, heat, energy and water balances on the basis of pixel data, as well as the services and benefits humans and ecosystems enjoy from consumed and non-consumed water ( ETLook was selected by FAO as the core engine for the WaPOR database for Africa and Near East. 

Wim Bastiaanssen holds a B.Sc. in Tropical Land and Water Management Engineering from Van Hall - Larenstein College (Velp) and a Ph.D. in Eco-Hydrology, Soil physics and Groundwater Management from Wageningen Agricultural University (Wageningen). His PhD in 1995 was the foundation of instantaneous energy balance fluxes with SEBAL. Wim has been a Professor at ITC (currently part of the University of Twente) in the period elapsing from 2000 to 2003. Wim was a Visiting Professor at the University of Kwazulu Natal (South Africa) between 2010 and 2013. Since 2916, he is a Visiting Professor in Water Accounting at Kasetsart University in Bangkok.

Professor Bastiaanssen has been working on water productivity and water accounting, ever since he started collaboration with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in the mid 1990s, which turned to be an important milestone in his career. The needs and fundaments of a new water accounting  framework (WA+) was first introduced during his inaugural lecture at TU Delft in 2009 (in Dutch). WA+ has culminated in the mean time into a successful analytical framework to describe water flows, fluxes, consumptive use and services an in independent manner based on satellite measurements. The Asian Development Bank, World Bank and the UNESCO Institute for World Water Resources Assessment (WWAP) have adopted WA+ to understand irregular water conditions and make trend analysis in efficiency improvements. An international partnership for water accounting has been set up to foster exchanges between scientists, policy makers and the UN.

Wim undertakes together with Ph.D. students from TU Delft new research on the earth surface hydrological processes from satellite measurements, such as rainfall, evapotranspiration, soil moisture, water levels, biomass production and crop yield, being the basic ingredients for water accounting, water productivity, climate downscaling, groundwater management etc. He supervises various M.Sc. students related to water productivity, recycling of water and the link to water policy. Wim’s main driver is to create operational products from scientific research. With the arrival of new IT technologies such as the Earth Engine, unprecedented opportunities are arising.

The entrepreneur Wim Bastiaanssen has (co-) founded simultaneously Small and Medium Enterprises such as WaterWatch BV (, SEBAL North America (SNA), a subsidiary based in Davis (California), eLEAF BV ( which is a classical Wageningen-based agro-hydrology company that is based on earth observations and CropZoomer BV ( CropZoomer is a product from RoboValley in Delft that stimulates start-up companies in the application of Robotica technology and is supported by the Valorization Centre.

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Wim Bastiaanssen