Explore the next-generation metrics tool

News - 05 July 2018 - Webredactie 3ME

The emergence of altmetrics, also known as next-generation metrics, has been communicated around campus the last couple of months. As you may know, these new metrics show non-traditional impact of research output, such as mentions in blogs, social media, news media, policy documents, and much more. To showcase the use of altmetrics the Library organised an altmetrics workshop at our faculty.

Have you tried the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions yet? The feedback from the users of altmetrics, and Altmetric Explorer in particular, is crucial to make an informed decision about whether or not to continue with altmetrics and the Explorer platform.

As a researchers it is important to know who is talking about your research and what is being said. With next-generation metrics you can start tracking this information as soon as your research has been published. So try out the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions tool, including Altmetric’s global database, and discover it yourself.

Your help and feedback are crucial and will be highly appreciated. You are thus kindly invited to fill out this short questionnaire on your experience with the tool. Good luck exploring these new metrics!

Visit tudelft.nl/library/altmetrics for more information.