Energy for Refugees (EFR)

News - 14 May 2018 - Communication

We are Energy for Refugees, a Dutch NGO consisting of ten international TU Delft students currently enrolled in their masters from different faculties.


The goal of Stitching Energy For Refugees is to alleviate energy poverty for people seeking asylum and shelter, in order to ensure that they can sleep feeling safe, that their children have the lights on at night so they can keep up with their education, and that they can call their families and loved ones to let them know they’re on their way to a better, safer life. Next to that, we aim to reduce the dependence of camps on external parties. We do this by implementing appropriate and sustainable solutions, partnering with stakeholders involved in refugee camps. By doing so, Energy for Refugees will also create awareness in the Netherlands about refugee crises, specifically within Delft University of Technology.

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