How to transform urban energy systems

News - 04 December 2018 - Communication

Sustainable Urban Energy Systems Conference

Ambitious climate change targets can only be realized by transforming urban energy systems into smart low carbon energy systems.

Thinking and discussing about how to achieve this happened on November 8 and 9 at TU Delft and The Green Village by 150 attendees, from more than 90 organizations and 16 – not only European – countries.

The event brought together academics, people from the industry and policy makers in order to share and showcase projects on this important topic.

The conference was a success according to Christine Milchram, PhD researcher and one of the fifteen organizers in the committee. ‘Participants told me it had been helpful for their research and for building their network.’ She adds: ‘There were lively discussions of high quality in small groups. And it appeared to be possible to work together with people from multiple disciplines and speak a common language. Challenging, but enriching and necessary.’

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