Robotic support improves rehabilitation

News - 22 November 2018 - Communication

We are living longer and longer these days. And the older we get, the higher the chance of becoming afflicted with an age-related disease, such as stroke. As many as three million people have a stroke every year in Europe. There is a high probability (40%) that many of those who survive will not be able to walk by themselves, unassisted, after three weeks. At which point they will need rehabilitation. But if an increasing number of elderly people want to rehabilitate, then that’s going to put more and more pressure on therapists. Or will it? Probably not, according to Heike Vallery, professor of human motor augmentation at Delft University of Technology. She invented a robotic support system - the RYSEN™.  - with a Swiss-Dutch consortium that is 3 metres wide and 10 metres long, which is fastened to the ceiling. RYSEN™ will be launched today by Motek.