NERI TU Delft and Morphotonics join forces in nanomanufacturing

News - 20 February 2019 - Webredactie 3mE

Morphotonics, an ambitious indirect spin-off of Philips, is set to join forces with TU Delft’s Nano Engineering Research Initiative (NERI) to explore new opportunities of the small scale for breakthrough applications. Morphotonics develops micro- and nanostructure imprint solutions for small and large surfaces. 3D-displays, solar panels and led lighting panels all benefit from nanostructures. Morphotonics imprints these structures on a plate. Due to this nanoimprint manufacturing technology, other high tech companies will be able to imprint nanostructures at a large scale to enhance various optoelectronic devices.  


The collaboration between the parties builds on two mutual interests: advancing precision machines for nanoimprint technology, and the use of nanoimprint technology for the manufacturing and upscaling of micro and nano-enabled materials and devices. Morphotonics will be active in the NERI themes “Precision Instruments” and “Functional Material Structures”.

Marcel Tichem (NERI program leader):

“With Morphotonics we welcome a world-class player in nanomanufacturing on board of our program. This collaboration allows us to solve real-world challenges by focusing on manufacturing of advanced nano-enabled materials and devices and brings nanomanufacturing from samples built in research labs to industrial state of art”.


The ability to manufacture materials and devices in industrially compatible approaches is one of the major challenges in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. NERI has the mission to establish the knowledge and technology foundation to move nano from lab to app, and to accelerate repeatable and reliable design and manufacturing of relevant functions and applications at an industry-compatible scale.

NERI is founded and powered by the multidisciplinary team of scientific experts of the Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering. Read more about NERI.

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