XII Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine

October 21-25, 2019, Delft, The Netherlands

News - 21 February 2019 - Webredactie 3ME

Professor Michel Verhaegen and Professor Gleb Vdovine are the general co-chairs of the International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine (AOIM) explores the recent developments, current practices and future trends in adaptive optics and closely related fields.

    The AOIM XII Workshop  and AO school will be held on October 21-25, 2019 in the TU Delft Science Centre, The Netherlands.  The  relaxed atmosphere of this single-session meeting encourages the participants to present and freely discuss the recent developments in adaptive optics applied to industrial and medical applications.

    The programme topics are the following:

    • General Adaptive Optics        
    • Control for Adaptive Optics        
    • Wavefront Correctors        
    • Wavefront Sensing        
    • Microscopy        
    • High Power Lasers        
    • Ophthalmology        
    • Computational Imaging & Holography        
    • Free Space Optics        
    • Lithography        
    • Imaging through Turbulence        
    • Emerging Technologies

    This edition of the workshop will be preceded by a Two-day Adaptive Optics School  on October 21 & 22.

    The AOIM workshop is organized by the Delft Center of Systems and Control (DCSC). The conference will be based in the Science Center of Delft University, near the Schie Canal in the proximity of the city center.  Delft is located 50 km to the south of Amsterdam and 10km distance from the centers of The Hague and Rotterdam and is served by two airports (Schiphol and Rotterdam airport) with convenient and quick train/bus connections. There are plenty of cultural opportunities in the area. 

    The AOIM XII workshop is co-organized with the Face2Phase event  that will take place on 21-23 October 2019 in Delft.  Delagates of AOIM have full access to Face2Phase talks and program events, and delegates of Face2Phase have full access to the AOIM program (AO school is not included). Only one regitration (to any of these two events) is necessary.  The events are scheduld one after another to avoid parallel sessions: Face2Phase on 21-23 October, and AOIM on 23-25 Oct, with no overlap.    

    Please mark your calendar:

    AO School:  Oct 21-22, 2019,

    Face2Phase event: Oct 21-23, 2019,

    AOIM XII workshop: Oct 23-25, 2019.