New PowerWeb book: Intelligent Integrated Energy Systems

News - 21 January 2019

The PowerWeb Program at TU Delft

Editors: Palensky, Peter, Cvetković, Miloš, Keviczky, Tamás (Eds.)

This book presents research results of PowerWeb, TU Delft’s consortium for interdisciplinary research on intelligent, integrated energy systems and their role in markets and institutions. In operation since 2012, it acts as a host and information platform for a growing number of projects, ranging from single PhD student projects up to large integrated and international research programs. The group acts in an inter-faculty fashion and brings together experts from electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, technology and policy management, control engineering, civil engineering, architecture, aerospace engineering, and industrial design. 

The interdisciplinary projects of PowerWeb are typically associated with either of three problem domains: Grid Technology, Intelligence and Society. PowerWeb is not limited to electricity: it bridges heat, gas, and other types of energy with markets, industrial processes, transport, and the built environment, serving as a singular entry point for industry to the University’s knowledge. Via its Industry Advisory Board, a steady link to business owners, manufacturers, and energy system operators is provided.

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