RID presents annual report OYSTER

News - 04 July 2019 - Communication TNW

RID is proud to present the annual report of the OYSTER programme. In 2018, we finished the CNS-Utility building and the cooling equipment. 2019 is the year in which, after years of preparation, everything comes together. The ‘cold neutron source’ will be placed in the heart of the research reactor and connected to the cooling equipment in the CNS-Utility building. The neutrons from the reactor will then be cooled with liquid hydrogen to an extremely low temperature of minus 253 degrees Celsius. RID’s instruments will provide results up to a hundred times better than now. Areas for the application of research are very diverse, and range from material science, biology, chemistry and medicine to, for instance, cultural heritage and archaeology. They include not only new generations of medical isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and promising materials for batteries and solar cells, but also, for example, self-repairing steel.

To the year report (in English)

The OYSTER-programme (Optimized Yield – for Science, Technology and Education – of Radiation) has been initiated to improve and expand the RID infrastructure. It will enable current and future educational, scientific and societal challenges in the fields of materials, health and energy to be better addressed.