Tamas Keviczky and team win the International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge

News - 17 June 2020 - Webredactie 3ME

Tamas Keviczky, hoogleraar Networked Cyber-Physical Systems and a team of researchers and students from TU Delft in cooperation with the companies Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Keygene and Hoogendoorn Growth Management has won the 2nd International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge. Five teams participated, the Automatoes team, with the help of advanced data-driven control algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), not only achieved the best tomato harvest after six months, but also scored best on sustainability in a fully automated greenhouse.

Tamas Keviczky:

“The strive towards completely autonomous greenhouses offers excellent opportunities for the application and further development of data-driven control approaches that combine engineering models based on first-principles with online optimisation and machine learning. A key aspect is how to use a combination of real-time data from various sensors and weather predictions together with earlier records from the same greenhouse and crop cycle."