Grant from the Delft Bioengineering Institute for Julia Gebert!

News - 18 December 2020 - Webredactie

Julia Gebert will team up with Wiebren de Jong (3mE/P&E), Aljoscha Wahl (TNW/BT), Martin Pabst (TNW/BT) and Thomas Abeel (EWI/Bioinformatics) to investigate the potential of biochars for enhancing microbial methane oxidation in biofilters.


Methane has a high global warming potential, and landfill is one of the largest contributors of global human-caused methane emissions. Methane treatment using engineered microbial oxidation systems is one of the ways to reduce these emissions. Biochars, carbon-rich materials produced from sources such as municipal solid wastes, wastewater sludge and wood, have gained interest in the waste management industry as media to enhance control of landfill gas emissions.