Three NWO grants for earth observation

News - 12 October 2020 - Webredactie

NWO has awarded funding to four new research proposals of TU Delft in the area of earth observation. Three of these are from researchers of Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG). The researchers involved will receive the grant from the User Support Programme Space Research, which the Netherlands Space Office NSO realises on behalf of NWO. 

Cornelis Slobbe (GRS)
A fully-focussed SAR altimetry coastal water level processor - application to the Rhine region of freshwater influence
This project aims to develop a processing scheme for SAR altimeter data that provides high-resolution coastal water levels. The data will be used to assess the water level variability in the Rhine region of freshwater influence.

Femke Vossepoel (GSE)
Satellite subsidence and sea-level data assimilation for mean high-water line assessment in the Bangkok area
Subsidence caused by groundwater production and sea-level rise affect the coastline of Bangkok, Thailand, and increases flood risk in this area. By combining satellite observations with model forecasts, subsidence and sea-level rise can be better estimated, which ultimately helps to prevent and mitigate flooding.

Bert Wouters (GRS)
Antarctic Time Machine: unveiling five decades of ice sheet changes
In this project, the vast potential of a historical set of aerial images will be unlocked to derive long-term changes in ice elevation of the Antarctic Peninsula. This will yield a unique insight into the response of Antarctic glaciers to a rapidly changing climate.