Physics course eases the transition to university for secondary school students

News - 17 July 2020 - Communication

Starting 3 August, prospective students can take an online course to refresh their knowledge of Physics or catch up on Physics. First-year engineering students often find Physics a really difficult subject as the approach to university Physics is more abstract and mathematical than they are used to. This course gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with the academic approach in a pleasant and accessible manner. The course is provided by TU Delft, but prospective students of engineering degree programmes at other universities are also welcome.

Free of charge
Pre-University Physics comprises three modules: mechanics, electricity &magnetism, and waves. The subjects correspond with pre-university secondary school Physics, but are presented in a more formal manner. Whatโ€™s more, the prospective students learn how to use this material to solve technical problems. After taking this course, the students are well prepared for their degree programme.

The course is free of charge, spans four weeks and can be followed entirely online, representing a weekly time investment of three to five hours. Every week, a new module is made available, after which the students work on the modules at a pace they themselves determine. The language of instruction is English.

TU Delft has been providing the online Pre-University Calculus course for prospective students since 2014 too. Both Physics and Mathematics are indispensable for many degree programmes.

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