Year of the Lecturer 2020: a unique way to say ‘Thank you!’

News - 13 July 2020 - Communication

Because of the special period in recent months all TU Delft Lecturers have been put in the spotlight by the students via the study associations and the Student Council.

They did this by changing 'the Lecturer of the Year elections' to 'The year of the Lecturer' and they reached out to all lecturers with a nice thank you gift per post accompanied by a video they created together with all the faculties.

In response to this initiative, Rob Mudde, Vice-President of Education, says: "An initiative like this touches me. It's been a really tough year for students and lecturers. And I think this thank-you-message from the students, where they highlight the inspiring things they have seen in education at all faculties, is indicative of the appreciation we have for each other. It shows that the extra effort of our lecturers has not gone unnoticed and was appreciated a lot. It also shows the connection and beautiful cooperation between different faculties. It makes me proud of our community.”