Heading for AI: a joint agenda for maritime ambitions in the field of AI

News - 10 June 2021

The maritime sector is taking a leading role in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). More than sixty representatives from the maritime industry, knowledge institutes and the government have been working together within the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) on a joint agenda. Today, the NL AIC Port & Maritime working group released the position paper ‘Koersen op AI' (Heading for AI), in which the maritime ambitions in the field of AI are outlined. Researchers from TU Delft have actively contributed to this agenda. 

The opportunities that AI offers for the maritime sector are extensive; for improving efficiency in processes, for new products and services, and for achieving societal goals such as reducing waste, harmful emissions or crime. At the same time, there are social and societal risks of AI in terms of ethics, security and misinformation.

Ilyaz Nasrullah (Municipality of Rotterdam) and Tim Franken (InnovationQuarter): "The Dutch maritime sector has a unique position worldwide thanks to its innovative strength. Yet in the field of digital technology we are at risk of falling behind our foreign competitors, where governments and companies invest heavily. With this joint agenda, the sector shows what we can achieve in the Netherlands in the coming years if we work together."

Rudy Negenborn, professor in Multi-Machine Operations & Logistics at TUDelft: "In order to fully exploit the value of AI in the near future, it is essential that we bring together fundamental AI research and the major issues in the maritime domain. "Heading for AI" is an important milestone in this - not only when it comes to how we can realise concepts like smart shipping and smart port logistics, but also how the next generation of engineers and professionals can train themselves in the possibilities of AI in the maritime domain."

The Port and Maritime working group of NL AIC has the ambition to accelerate the sector as a whole in the next five years on the themes of (big) data and AI. The position paper "Heading for AI" gives direction and is an important step for the sector to maintain its global leadership position.

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