Behnam Taebi shapes further cooperation of the TU Delft with partners in The Hague

News - 18 February 2021 - Webredactie Behnam Taebi, professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, has been agreed by the Executive Board of Delft University of Technology to act as the figurehead of TU Delft in The Hague. His task is to strengthen and expand strategic alliances with partners in The Hague.

"In the coming decades, politicians and society will be confronted with increasing personalities in the areas of climate, energy, AI, mobility, health and safety. Together with key stakeholders in The Hague, we want to investigate how we can use Delft's expertise and innovative strength to cope with these," says Behnam Taebi.

In recent years, good partnerships have emerged between TU Delft and various parties in The Hague, including the municipality, numerous ministries, advisory bodies and international organizations located in this city. Also, the master's program Engineering and Policy Analysis of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management is located in The Hague since 2016.

However, TU Delft sees more opportunities to strengthen and develop collaboration. That is why it decides to conduct a strategic survey. Under Taebi, this exploration will be carried out with Marcel van der Klaauw, who recently started as program coordinator TU Delft - The Hague.