Prof. Stephane Hess appointed as part-time full professor in Decision modelling, AI and mobility research

News - 26 October 2021 - Webredactie

We are pleased that the Executive Board has appointed Prof. Stephane Hess as part-time (0.1 fte) full professor at the ESS department of the faculty of TPM, in the domain of Decision modelling, artificial intelligence (AI) and mobility research. He will start 1 November and is appointed for a period of five years.

A three time (Consolidator, Proof of Concept, Advanced) ERC-Laureate, Hess is a leading scholar in the field of choice modeling including its applications in mobility (travel behaviour), energy & environment, and health. His main academic post is in Leeds University, where he has been holding a full professorship since 2012. His newest research line concerns the integration of mathematical psychology, econometrics and artificial intelligence (machine learning) tools for formalizing and analyzing decision making. 

Hess’s coming to Delft will help us bring further one of our key areas of focus and international reputation, being the use of quantitative, formal models and techniques for the analysis and support of decision-making. In addition, Hess’s focus on travel behaviour and new forms of mobility (such as self-driving cars) will reinforce the position of the TLO-section and the ESS department at large, as a key contributor to TU Delft’s research agenda in Transportation.

Stephane Hess: “I greatly look forward to deepening my collaboration with Delft, building on the many fruitful exchanges I have had over the last few years. Delft has a unique mix of researchers covering the various fields of research that I am active in, and putting our collaboration on a more formal footing will undoubtedly allow us to make many important collaborations in the years to come. I am very pleased and honoured with this new appointment and cannot wait to see you all in Delft.” 

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