TPM Energy Transition Lab – Next Phase

News - 19 February 2023

After the first phase (2020 – 2022), the TPM Energy Transition Lab will continue its activities in three research projects in the next couple of years. These projects are on "Behaviour", "Design", and "Exploration". Two postdocs (Katharina Biely and Tristan de Wildt) explored these themes in the first phase. In the next step, two PhD projects will build upon their work to enhance research output: Marielle Rietkerk and Lukas Schubotz. Marielle and Lukas will share their findings regularly on the website. We have replaced the biannual Open Calls with an interdisciplinary research project involving several – invited – TPM energy researchers from different departments. A Postdoc researcher will build theory and initiate and coordinate research activities between the faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management departments.

We continue with our communities for Master's students and PhD candidates. Also, the ThinkTank will keep responding both reactively and proactively to issues related to socio-technical aspects of the energy transition.

Niek Mouter has resigned from the Management Team and is followed up by Geeske Scholz.