NPO Radio 1 broadcasts live from The Green Village during National Climate Week

News - 03 November 2022 - Webredactie Communication

From October 31 until November 6 it is National Climate Week. As a climate university, TU Delft is committed to take part, because climate action is more urgent than ever. This week you will hear various NPO Radio 1 programmes live from the Climate Studio at The Green Village, the field lab for sustainable innovation on TU Delft Campus.

The National Climate Week (NKW) is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to inspire citizens and organisations to commit to a better climate.

NPO Radio 1 Climate Studio

TU Delft and seven broadcasters from NPO Radio 1 are joining forces and installing a Climate Studio in the Co-Creation Centre at The Green Village. From October 31 to November 5, the various NPO Radio 1 programmes can be heard live from the Climate Studio at The Green Village. During this NPO Radio 1 Climate Studio, answers will be sought to the question: What can we do about the climate problem? Scientists and a panel of climate experts are invited to think along about practical solutions. All broadcasts can be attended live.

The Co-Creation Centre has been dubbed NPO Radio 1 Climate Studio during the Climate Week. © Rolf van Koppen

At the table

Marjan Kreijns, director of The Green Village, opened the Climate Week with a tour of The Green Village and acted as ‘Spraakmaker’ in the programme Spraakmakers (KRO-NCRV). On Saturday, Marjan Kreijns can be heard again on behalf of The Green Village, where she will be a guest on In de Kantine (WNL). In Bureau Buitenland (VPRO), TU Delft scientist Martine Rutten spoke with Sebastian Hartgring about the floods and drought in Limburg and the importance of cross-border cooperation and student involvement. Climate psychologist Gerdien de Vries explained in Geld of je Leven (EO) why consumers find it difficult to buy fewer or more sustainable products. On Thursday, November 3, climate and sustainability experts Andy van den Dobbelsteen and Ruth Mugge provided a Q&A live on YouTube. They can also be heard daily in the Zoden aan de Dijk column discussing solutions to the climate problem suggested by listeners. In addition to scientists, the programme guests include journalists, writers and politicians and more.

Radio host Jurgen van den Berg during the live broadcast Villa VdB from the Climate Studio. © Rolf van Koppen

Climate Action

The Climate Studio ties in well with National Climate Week. TU Delft is fully committed to climate research and education. The university will invest one hundred million in making the TU Delft Campus more sustainable. Over the next few years, efforts will be made towards a CO2-neutral, circular and climate-adaptive campus, with a focus on improving biodiversity and quality of life. The TU Delft Campus will become sustainable and act as a living lab for sustainability solutions. Experiments for new sustainable techniques and processes will be conducted throughout the campus. Climate action at TU Delft has not gone unnoticed. On October 26, 2022, it was announced that TU Delft holds the 23rd position in the World University Ranking Sustainability 2023, a 10th position in Europe and a first in the Netherlands.

Attending a broadcast live

Throughout the week, people can attend the broadcasts live. Spots are still available for the coming days at De Nieuws BV, De Publieke Tribune and In de Kantine.

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