David Vermaas receives Vidi grants

News - 29 June 2023

David Vermaas researches membranes consisting of nano-thin layers that work energy-efficiently and can supply pure fuels to accelerate the energy transition. David is one of eight TU Delft scientists from the science domains of Exact and Natural Sciences (ENW) and Applied and Applied Sciences (AES) to whom the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vidi grant of up to 800,000 euros. This will enable the laureates to develop an innovative line of research over the next five years and to further expand their own research group. A total of 97 Vidi grants have been awarded.

David is academic lead of the theme Climate Change Mitigation within the TU Delft Climate Action Programme.

Towards green fuels with nano-sized thin layers

Dr. ir. David Vermaas, Applied Sciences (AS)
How to fuel our processes without fossil resources? We can convert water and CO2 in green fuels, such as hydrogen and precursors for sustainable gasoline, using renewable electricity. That requires selective membranes to separate fuel products from its resources. However, current membranes perform below industrial standards. Therefore, I will investigate (nano-)thin layered membranes, which potentially produce highly pure fuels at high energy efficiency. Each layer features a different functionality: rejecting undesired species, hydration, or facilitating the chemical reaction. These membranes allow us to synthesize green fuel efficiently for accelerating the energy transition.
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