Seed funding TU Delft climate Action Programme awards 13 researchers

News - 28 November 2023

The call "Climate Action Research and Education Seed" is open for proposals for research and education projects related to the TU Delft Climate Action Programme; its themes (science, mitigating, adaptation, governance) and its flagship projects. Proposals from all fields of knowledge are welcome, as well as interdisciplinary proposals. Proposals can be funded up to EUR 30,000
The call is granted two times per year

The winners of November 2023 are from the faculties CEG, 3ME, ABE, EEMCS, IDE, AS and TPM:

• Giulia Granato (IDE): Stop and Re-think: how design interventions can stop automaticity in consumer behaviour and help re-think overconsumption
• Negar Sanaan Bensi (ABE): On Thirst and Mirage: a research on the spatial impact of climate change on the desert landscapes in conflict zones and the resulted displacements
• Job van der Werf (CEG): Establishment of a lab to develop low-cost solutions to measure the sponginess of cities
• Markus Hrachowitz (CEG): Building a European River Flow Data Access Platform
• Bram van Prooijen (CEG): Delta Squad – a Student Squad to Capture Extreme Events
• Emma Hinderink (3ME): Reshaping the future of food: 3D printing for novel and healthy products
• Camilo Benitez Avila (TPM): Making “Colonial Risk” visible in Critical Raw Materials for Climate Transitions (and the avoided harm from re-using them!)
• Marieke Kootte (EEMCS): The Limburg Atlas: during and beyond the flood
• Rebeca Gonzalez Cabaleiro (AS): Co-feeding of formate to increase carbon assimilation in microbial communities: quantifying ecology to sustainably advance biotechnology
• Jan Willem Foppen (CEG): Production of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) from ion exchange waste streams for climate adaptation research and education (NOMCLIM)
• Alessandra Luna Navarro (ABE): Measuring Occupant Resilience to Extreme Heat (MORE)
• James Hutton (TPM): But What Should We Do? Ethics of Climate Action
• Jing Sun (EEMCS): AI-Powered Improvements to Satellite Wind Products

Go to this page if you want to know more about their proposals

Call for new proposals shall open in January 2024. Exact date is to be determined.