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29 August 2017

Herman Terryn receives American award for preventing corrosion of materials

Herman Terryn, part-time professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, will receive the ‘H.H. Uhlig corrosion award’ on 3 October for his pioneering research on the corrosion of metals. Preventing corrosion is extremely important because corrosion causes huge economic damage. The award will be presented during a conference of the Electrochemical Society in National Harbor (Washington , DC).

11 August 2017

Fritz Körmann publication in Nature Computational Material

Recently Fritz Körmann, researcher at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering received a Vidi for his research: ‘How to mix the perfect high entropy alloy cocktail?’ This week his research 'Phonon broadening in high entropy alloys’ has been published in Nature Computional Materials.

12 July 2017

3mE participating in exhibition of 3D reconstruction of lost Assyrian palace hall

A unique scientific partnership was created for the new winter exhibition ‘Nineveh’ at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, the Netherlands. Various international scientific teams worked on the reconstruction of one of the most beautiful structures in the Near East: the palace of Assyrian King Sennacherib.

07 July 2017

First student graduated in Vehicle Engineering

On June 30, the first student Vehicle Engineering graduated on side-slips in autonomous cars.

01 September 2016

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11 March 2016

Materials Technology Day