Industrial Design Engineering

Research Themes for Delft Technology Fellowship 2022-2023

Design Engineering in Societal Transitions
Research at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) focuses on design’s role in the major transitions taking place in society today. Using an evidence-based design approach, our research supports and shapes societal transformation in key areas including sustainability, health and mobility.  We welcome applicants who can help strengthen our work across all of these areas, especially those with a research interest in validating design approaches aimed at concrete impact.
To participate and thrive in society we need to move. It’s fundamental to our quest for learning, growth, and connection with others. Mobility gives our lives meaning. At TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, we envision a future in which meaningful mobility is the norm. Our Design in Mobility researchers use a human-centered design approach to make this a reality. We create the knowledge, innovation processes, design methodologies and methods to understand, measure and operationalise people’s needs and desires, with a particular focus on the fields of Inclusive Mobility Experiences, Organisational Transformations in Mobility and Smart Mobility.
Systemic Design
Systemic Design is the development and application of knowledge about the role of design - both the artefact and the process - in generating systemic change within society. The complex challenges that society is facing regarding, for example, health, safety and sustainability, require innovative approaches that can help society transition towards more sustainable futures. The faculty focuses on  theory and methodology that combine systems and transition thinking with design in order to humanize the systems that support our collective life.