Ir. M. Mirra


I graduated in Civil Engineering in September 2017, at the University of Padua (Italy). My Master Thesis focused on the seismic behaviour of differently refurbished timber floors and their interaction with masonry walls in historical buildings.
Immediately after graduating I joined the Biobased Structures and Materials section, where I am currently PhD student.


My personal research field is linked with the seismic assessment of traditional timber diaphragms and their connections to masonry walls, in the case of both as-built and strengthened structural elements.
The research activity aims to characterize the behaviour of timber diaphragms under seismic loading through large-scale experimental tests, from which analytical and numerical models are developed for a correct design of the retrofitting interventions.

I am the representative of the Biobased Structures and Materials section in the Monitoring Community, a team aiming to link together the expertise of the single research groups about structural health monitoring within the Department of Engineering Structures.

I was also active as Management Committee Substitute in COST Action FP1404 - Fire Safe Use of Bio-Based Building Products.

Michele Mirra

PhD Candidate

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