Our research focuses on the fundamentals and their application to engineering practice. It combines numerical modelling and physical testing, both on multi-scales, from micro to macro, in the laboratory and the field. The research includes:

  • Vehicle dynamics; train-track interaction and pantograph-catenary interaction.
  • Contact mechanics.
  • Friction, wear, rolling contact fatigue: mechanisms and prevention.
  • Noise and vibration.
  • Track and embankment stability.
  • Structural health monitoring: instrumentation, signal processing, diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Big data analytics; physics-informed and data-driven artificial intelligence.
  • Asset management for minimizing life cycle costs and maximizing whole system performance.
  • Design and maintenance of track and rolling stock.

Find out more about our CTO measurement vehicle, Axle Box Acceleration (ABA) measurement system, and V-Track vehicle-track interaction test.