Voskov, D.V.


2024 - present - Head of section Reservoir Engineering
2015 – present – Associate Professor, TU Delft, The Netherlands
2016 – present – Adjunct Professor, Stanford University, California, USA
2007 – 2015 – Senior researcher at ERE department, Stanford University, California, USA
2005 – 2007 – Research Associate at ERE department, Stanford University, California, USA
2005 – 2008 – CTO and co-founder of Rock Flow Dynamic, Moscow, Russia
2002 – 2005 – Chief Engineer at Yukos EP oil company, Moscow, Russia
2000 – 2002 – Senior Engineer-Mathematician, Institute for Problems in Mechanics, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Reservoir simulation, modeling of thermal-compositional processes, linear and nonlinear solvers, reactive flow and transport, near-miscible gas injection, solution of hyperbolic problems, complex phase behavior.


My current research interests involve different aspects of modelling of complex subsurface systems. That includes reactive flow and transport in altering porous media, scale translation for complex physical processes, high performance computing for forward and inverse problems, simulation of advanced thermal and geothermal processes, modeling of CO2 sequestration, analysis and improvement of nonlinear solvers for simulation of flow and transport in complex physical systems.

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Denis Voskov

Associate Professor