Potential master thesis projects

  • Experimental study of creep behaviour of the alkali-activated concrete
  • Nanoscale modelling of alkali-activated cement paste properties
  • Development of high-strength MSWI bottom ash based geopolymer
  • Application of a Novel Strain-hardening Geopolymer Composite (SHGC) for Repair of Existing Concrete Structures
  • Autogenous shrinkage of slag-cement activated by different alkalis
  • Development of 3D Printing Fiber Geopolymer Composite
  • Thermodynamic modelling of nucleation and growth of C-(N-)A-S-H gels in alkali-activated slag paste
  • The application of image feature detection on the studying of microstructure of cementitious materials
  • Thermodynamic modelling of carbonation in blended cement paste
  • Experimental Study on Fiber/Geopolymer Matrix Interface Bonding and Microstructure-related Properties
  • Nanoscale modelling of C-S-H properties under carbonation
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