Being curious about the impact and possibilities of new developments within the (concrete) construction industry in a local and global context, and dedicated to a lifelong of learning and (re)assessment, Renee has a wide interest area.

Through the mentorship initiative of C40 Women4Climate Mexico City in collaboration with the municipal Secretariat of Environment, she was given the possibility to learn from multiple types of actors to analyse various perspectives for promotion of sustainable practices.

As a Research & Development Engineer at Green-Basilisk B.V. she has the possibility to look at the possibilities to generate practical applicability of new products, such as with the development of assessments on quality, functionality, sustainability and viability.

In the PhD project “Bacteria-based self-healing concrete – from lab table to outdoor application” (Bio2Concrete) she was able to look at decision making and quantification in product development, to allow adoption of new ideas by practice. By assisting with other activities and projects from Delft University of Technology she is able to share her experiences and mainly continue learning.

Her background in Materials Science within Civil Engineering and Structural Design from Building Engineering assists with taking a broad view, as do her experiences abroad and the information obtained from various master classes, summer schools, MOOCs and other trainings.