The physical StuDoc

On the entresol of th StuDoc a large collection of documentation material is available for staff and students. This material consist of books, magazines, some journals, lecture notes and reports. The largest part of this material can be borrowed for a short period (two weeks). Very specialized material is available in the Central Library and can be borrowed there for a longer period. The borrowing system is automated, there is no full-time librarian present.

The staff of the ICT helpdesk supervises the StuDoc and will look for a quiet atmosphere and will see that no books are "borrowed" without proper registration. The helpdesk staff will not provide library support.

Lots of material is also available in digital format. Therefore Journals, Conference Proceedings and many Reports are not available any more in the StuDoc in printed form. This material is available via the Virtual Knowledge Centre. The largest part of this material is publicly available, a limited part is only available for staff and students of CiTG. This is indicated in the overview lists