Confidential Contact Persons

Our confidential contact persons (CCP) are available for all members of the D:DREAM community including, staff, students, alumni, and guests. The team consists of four people, who are all very willing to help you. Important to note is that all conversations with our CCP are strictly confidential. Below they introduce themselves:

Elien Van Steen (External)


I am Elien Van Steen, one of the confidential mentors of the Dream Hall. You can reach out to me when someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, which may include any form of undesirable behavior (eg. bullying, harassment, aggression, racism, etc). You will find a listening ear with me and, depending on your needs, also advice or guidance in steps you may want to take. All contact with me is strictly confidential and I will not take any action without your consent. I am a former Dream Team member myself and recently graduated from Industrial Design Engineering. My day job as HSE officer in de hall is to improve social health, physical safety and environmental impact. Feel free to contact me!


Sanne Guis (External)


I know from experience it can be difficult to ask for help or open up. However, I also feel it can be very helpful to do so and often regret not doing it sooner. I hope I can be that listening ear for you and that, if you would like to, together we can find out what next steps you feel comfortable with. I have been in the Dream Hall for a while now, first as a Dream Team member both as an engineer and a team manager and then as a staff member of the Dream Hall. I know that things can happen in this setting of great pressure with a big group of people that you see almost every day for a full year, I find it important not to judge. So, if there is anything you would like to talk about, feel free to contact me via your medium of preference, so we can schedule a moment to sit down. Needless to say all communication is strictly confidential.
Take care!

Mees Snoek


My name is Mees Snoek, I am a student assistant in the Dream Hall, where I focus on safety inside the hall. Next to this, I am a MSc Aerospace Engineer student and I have been part of a Dream Team myself. I am one of the confidential mentors in the Dream Hall. Students, as well as other SA's and staff members, can contact me if they are confronted with undesirable behavior or any other problem that results in the need for a listening ear. Conversations with me will be fully confidential and I will never take any action without your consent. According to your wishes, I will try to come up with solutions to the problem together with you, or I will solely act as a listening ear. Feel free to contact me!

Zion Krullaars


I'm Zion Krullaars, your student assistant at the Dream Hall, passionate about sustainability and pursuing a master's in Artificial Intelligence and Design for Interaction. I'm also one of your confidential mentors, here to help with any issues, big or small. Our conversations are entirely private, and I'll only take action with your consent. Feel free to reach out whenever you need support or just someone to listen. Anytime!