Special Projects

JIP Teams

Since the beginning of the academic year 2021/2022, we have also welcomed a number of JIP (Joint Interdisciplinary Project) Teams into the hall. JIP Teams are interdisciplinary project teams of four to five selected MSc students each collaborating full-time for ten weeks. Together with a technically innovative company, they work on a business case to create innovative impact.


JIP Teams Q1 2021/22

Scott: Apparel body mapping and thermoregulation

Through this project they want to analyse the possibilities and potential strategies to help keeping the body cool and lowering solar radiation effects on the athlete’s body, while exercising.

Ethereal Matters: Ethereal Engine

Imagine immersing in VR so completely that you feel it. Ethereal offers just that: the chance to physically interact fully with VR worlds. Your body becomes the input device. Sports, fitness, social engagement, gaming, competition, fantasy escape: all blend with media, creating entirely new experiences while restoring our health.

TU Delft Space Institute: Robotics supported archaeological field research system development

The team has to develop a robotic system to support archaeologists in field research activities. The system should be a cost effective supporting system to alleviate the work of the archaeologist by automating the search of an area for potential cultural items including the use of sensors for field reconnaissance.

Reinier de Graaf: The most obvious cardiac information is lacking

With low-cost, high-performance sensor technology, this team is able to distinguish between cardiac and non-cardiac causes. They are pursuing better, lower cost instruments for cardiovascular assessment, such as measuring fluid volume, venous and arterial blood and air flows in the chest, through the implementation of wristband technology, photoplethysmography, lidar, wearable ultrasonic sensors/microphones, or another chosen combination of sensor technology.