MSc Applied Geophysics

Master's Event February 2024

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MSc Applied Geophysics

To meet the growing demands of the world’s expanding population for natural resources, escalating need for space for living, storage, transportation and other facilities, to resolve problems created by our use/misuse of land and the subsurface, to respond to the effects of climate change and dramatic population growth, to provide critical data for architects and civil engineers, and to forecast the effects/potential of natural disasters, it is necessary to acquire detailed spatio-temporal information of the structure, composition and condition of the outer skin of the Earth. Applied geophysicists provide this essential information through application of non-destructive geophysical methods. 

Applied Geophysics trains students in all geophysical and related aspects of the environmental and engineering investigations of the subsurface and in the exploration and exploitation of energy, including geothermal and hydrocarbon energy. Applied Geophysics programme is part of a joint programme run by TU Delft, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen. This Applied Geophysics programme adds an international perspective to the career prospects of the student. The Masters in Applied Geophysics is an independent international joint degree. Students starting in September 2023 will receive a single joint MSc degree in Applied Geophysics upon successful completion of the programme.

Master's Event

February 2024

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Key features

➨ Lectures by world-renowned specialists

➨ Both theory and practice

➨ Newest methods and techniques

➨ Paying attention to current societal issues that need solutions

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