MSc Applied Geophysics

The Masters in Applied Geophysics Programme is currently applying to become an independent international joint degree programme. If the application proceeds as planned, students starting in September 2023 will receive a single joint MSc degree in Applied Geophysics upon successful completion of the programme. If the application does not proceed as planned, students who successfully complete the programme will receive a diploma from each of the partner universities: TU Delft, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen, and a diploma supplement that binds the three diplomas. All other aspects of the programme, such as the structure, content, and application process of the programme, are not affected by the outcome of the application.

Key features

➨ Lectures by world-renowned specialists

➨ Both theory and practice

➨ Newest methods and techniques

➨ Paying attention to current societal issues that need solutions

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