Complex Systems Engineering and Management is a full-time two-year Master's programme in English. The curriculum comprises two years of two semesters each (one semester has two course periods), which adds up to 120 EC*. 

Choose your area of interest from the start

The Master's degree programme takes two years. You choose one of the three tracks at the beginning of the Master's programme, meaning that you will focus on socio-technical issues in your area of interest from the start. The tracks are based on major current social themes.

The programme starts with a joint bootcamp in which you start with designing in a socio-technical system. There is a lot of room to determine the content of the programme yourself. You can choose between three different tracks. In these tracks you’ll gain profound technical knowledge that you need to make a socio-technical design.

Design projects integrate the technology, systems engineering and management aspects. To ensure an interdisciplinary approach, groups are supervised by lecturers from widely differing sections.

Academic calendar

The academic year starts at the the end of August or beginning of September and continues until July the following year. The curriculum comprises two years of two semesters, adding up to 120 ECTS.


In the first year of the Master programme CoSEM students have to choose one technology track out of three choices. You can choose from the following tracks: 

Second year

The second year provides further opportunities for specialisation with the choice of electives, as well as opportunities to follow the TU Delft interfaculty design challenge or work on an external project. Elective courses and external projects can also be done abroad.
In the second year, students follow a course on writing a project plan and a scientific paper in preparation for the Master's thesis project. The master thesis itself is often carried out in a company.

  • In the second year of the Master programmes of the Faculty Technology, Policy and Management, students choose electives
  • See the Programme for more information about the content or take a look at the Studyguide.

*1 EC = 28 hrs study, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) • One academic year = 60 EC • Total amount of credits MSc programme = 120 EC

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