The IPD Master’s programme can be started either in the autumn or in the spring semester. The starting date determines the order in which courses are taken. In the autumn semester the programme focuses on the generation of concepts, while in the spring semester the focus is on embodiment design. The second year starts with a semester with an individual focus. Students can shape this semester to meet their professional ambitions. Examples of opportunities are to do a multidisciplinary design project, elective courses, a (research) internship, or a study abroad. The second year ends with establishing, defining and completing the individual graduation project.

Shape your master

Shape your master
In this curriculum, 30 EC is reserved for electives. This provides the students freedom and enables them to shape their personal programme. Students can persue their professional interests and ambitions with a personalised set of different courses.

This elective space enables students to specialise, or broaden their knowledge in specific subjects e.g.: entrepreneurship, marketing, medical design, automotive design, research, visualisation and others. Students who want to broaden their learning can take master’s courses at other faculties and universities, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

For those students who want to increase the depth of their development as an industrial design engineer, IDE offers more than 50 different courses. This includes courses from the other IDE master curricula.

Graduation Project - 30 EC Master specific project

The last semester is fully devoted to the Graduation Project, which may be undertaken in a company setting or within one of the research groups of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The graduation project is considered to be a stepping stone to a future professional career. A high level of independence is therefore expected from the student in planning and executing the assignment and in acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills.

What is it like to graduate within the master Integrated Product Design? Watch the movie, which shows the graduation projects of three (international) students.

Detailed course content

For the detailed contents of the IPD Master courses, you can view the Study guide.

Specialisations & Annotations

There are several specialisations and annotations for this Master, including Medisign and the Honours Programme.

See all specialisations and annotations

Master Variant for Engineers

This Variant of the MSc programme IPD is meant for excellent students with a constructive engineering background who have a strong affinity with industrial design and wish to pursue an MSc in Integrated Product Design.  

The Master starts with an intensive semester-long homologation programme in industrial design. After this homologation semester you will take the 2 regular semesters with the main courses in the IPD programme, followed by the graduation project in the last semester. The programme takes two years and does not have a ‘free elective’-semester. Upon completion you will receive an MSc diploma in Integrated Product Design.

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