Elective space opportunities

Within the faculty:

  • MSc elective courses offered by the IDE faculty,
    - including the specialisation Medisign
    - including Internship
    - including Study Abroad
  • Courses from IDE MSc programmes other than your own (except for MSc specific projects)
  • A whole semester of one of the other IDE MSc programmes, including the MSc-specific projects. (full IPD-semester, full DfI-semester or full SPD-semester)

Within TU Delft:

Outside TU Delft:

  • Courses at other universities in the Netherlands (go to the websites of the concerning universities);
  • Courses at foreign universities at a MSc level comparable to that of TU Delft (Study Abroad)
  • MOOC’s offered within the agreement of TU Delft with some other universities see the Virtual Exchange website.
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