MSc Management of Technology

In the Management of Technology (MOT) programme you learn to explore and understand technology as a corporate resource - a resource that allows a firm to keep many different balls in the air. It shows how firms can use technology to design and develop products and services that maximise customer satisfaction on the one hand, while maximising corporate productivity, profitability and competitiveness on the other.

Degree: Master of Science Management of Technology

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months, full time

Accreditation: Accredited by NVAO

Starts in: September


Location: Delft

Application deadline: January 15th: Non-EU/EFTA degree, April 1st: EU/EFTA degree, May 1st: Dutch degree

Scholarships: Tuition free scholarships available

The objective of the programme

The programme in MOT educates students as technology managers, analysts of technological markets (either as scientists or consultants), and entrepreneurs in highly technology-based, internationally-oriented and competitive environments for a variety of industrial sectors.

The programme addresses challenging questions most companies face such as:

  • What technologies do we need and when?
  • Do we procure the technology we need with our own research capabilities, in collaboration with outside parties, or by acquiring it or licensing it from others?
  • How can we use the abundant technological opportunities to affect our mission, objectives and strategies?

Students that have completed the programme are well-versed to analyse technologies and their commercial impact and implement these in the organizational context of the firm. More specific, this involves that engineers investigate and understand, both internal to their own organisation and external in relation with business partners, what the current and future technological, economic and social environments require technological firms to do. They will be able to analyse and anticipate wider societal trends in which new technological production takes shape and in which market the resulting products and services are to be sold.

To deal with these sorts of issues, one must have a background in a field of technology or in the natural sciences.