The two-year full-time Master's programme in Management of Technology is taught in English and requires a strong commitment from students. The workload comprises over 40 hrs a week. The MSc programme employs innovative educational methods and provides its students with intensive individual guidance. Students can enrol in the programme in September. The curriculum comprises two years of two semesters each (one semester has two course periods), which adds up to 120 EC*. 

First Year

The curriculum of the MOT programme is organised around four themes:

  1. Technology, Innovation and Organisation
  2. Technology, Innovation and Commercialisation
  3. Technology, Innovation and Engineering Economics
  4. Research and Reflection

In a separate course students learn how to integrate the different themes of the programme. 

At the end of the first and second semesters, the knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study will be applied to real-life business cases in what is called the 'Integration Moments'. In the Integration Moment, students will, for example, play a business game in which they are challenged to manage a decision-making process related to a complex, high technology project in a networked environment.

Previous themes of the Integration Moments have included:

  • The acquisition of Skype by eBay - Evaluating the motivation for eBay to acquire Skype for $2.6 billion dollars: a strategic business game.
  • The 3TU - developing a proposal for the establishment of a consortium charged with the creation of a new high-tech university campus to serve the three universities of technology in the Netherlands: a business game with two competing consortiums.

Second year

In the second year, students choose a 'colour & profile', a technological specialisation. There will be 'integration moments' at the end of the first and second semesters, where the insights acquired in the preceding courses is fused in practical applications. The third semester will be completed with a master thesis preparation course. This course acts as a start for the final Master's thesis project.

During the Master's thesis project, students are expected to demonstrate their capacity to successfully carry out a research project. In addition, the project provides an opportunity to assess the student's command of the conceptual material in the MOT programme. In many cases, the projects will be completed as an internship at an international company in which technology plays a determinative role. The thesis project is carried out over a period of six months. The results of the project are then presented during a public presentation.

Graduation projects have covered topics such as:

  • Risk factors in mega projects and their influence on the success of these projects
  • Improving manageability of large technological expansion projects in the oil storage industry
  • Agility in the supply chain of oil products
  • The 'innovation coach': tool to facilitate the front end of innovation

For more information, take a look at the Studyguide.

*1 EC = 28 hrs study, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) • 
One academic year = 60 EC • Total amount of credits MSc programme = 120 EC


Academic calendar

The academic year starts at the end of August or beginning of September and continues until July the following year. The curriculum comprises two years of two semesters each (one semester has two course periods), which adds up to 120 ECTS.