MSc Strategic Product Design

How can entrepreneurs, health professionals and governments work together to design interventions that promote healthy lifestyles? What does a future look like in which technologies like AI and robotics are applied to create a more sustainable food system, and how can we communicate such future visions to empower organisations to take action? How can we design strategies and business models that help organisations to create societal impact while ensuring their financial sustainability?

In the Master of Strategic Product Design (SPD), design meets innovation strategy to shape a just and sustainable future. By merging design and management disciplines, our programme equips you with the skills to design innovative interventions and accompanying strategies that enable organisations and their networks to thrive in a world of increasing technological opportunities and growing concerns about the planet and society. 

To enable successful and sustainable innovations, SPD recognises the importance of working together with multiple organisations, including businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. You will learn to view the innovation landscape through a relational lens, shifting from competition to collaboration. You’ll also design products, services, strategies, processes, and value propositions with meaningful impact.

Embrace a new worldview with SPD. Join a community of changemakers, ready to co-produce meaningful innovations and transitions that create a positive impact on organisations, society, and the environment. Join us to gain hands-on experience and contribute to collaborative innovation ecosystems. Apply now to shape the future with the Master in Strategic Product Design!

What you will learn

➨ Design innovations and accompanying strategies by combining methodological rigour, theoretical knowledge, and ethical practices.

➨ Combine tools and techniques from various disciplines to understand economic and societal trends, technological developments, and stakeholder interests and interdependencies. 

➨ Co-create future visions, strategies, and design value propositions from a multi-stakeholder perspective.

➨ Translate innovation strategies, visions, and information into just and sustainable design and engineering guidelines.

➨ Lead innovation teams and provide strategic input to achieve successful outcomes.

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