MSc Integrated Product Design

How can we design products and services that benefit individuals, organisations, and the planet? How can designers transform products into dynamic entities with lifelike qualities, such as products that grow, react, and evolve? How does the integration of Artificial Intelligence empower products to possess cognitive and creative attributes?

The MSc Integrated Product Design (IPD) is an advanced design programme that integrates design, technology, and research to enable students to develop new perspectives on product design. They learn to shape innovative, sustainable, and ethical products that benefit people, society, and the planet.

In a continuously changing world, products are becoming progressively complex, necessitating integrated design approaches and a strong focus on sustainability. With a curriculum designed to tackle the challenges of today’s product design landscape, the Master of Integrated Product Design (IPD) equips you with the knowledge and skills to explore the convergence of design, technology, and engineering. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable practices, we offer a holistic approach that enables you to create successful, innovative, and impactful products. In this programme you will cultivate fresh perspectives and master emerging fields like sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, smart textiles and bio-design, product experience, digital fabrication, and computational design.

Are you ready to take the leap into an exhilarating journey of exploration and design excellence? Apply now and become a visionary designer, driven by creativity, and armed with the skills to make a lasting difference in people's lives and our planet.

What you will learn

➨ Create innovative and responsible products and product-services that balance the interests of people, organisations, and the environment.

➨ Master the use of design and engineering methods, tools, and technologies to shape product design processes effectively.

➨ Develop technical prototyping skills and experimentation to bring your creative ideas to life.

➨ Integrate technology and design to create impactful solutions through emerging fields like digital innovation, sustainability principles and novel materials.

Highlighted Student Stories

TomTom Orbit

TomTom Orbit is a digital sports toy that can be thrown with. This shuttle measures several throw statistics like distance, height, speed, spin and amount of catches.

Materials that Move

A novel material is developed consisting of 3D-printed flexible material combined with Fields metal (a metal with extreme low melting point). By adding memory metal wires the material is able to morph in a controlled manner, thus making a new type of products possible which can morph into different geometrical shapes.

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