Dr. P. (Piao) Chen

Dr. P. (Piao) Chen



  • PhD in Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, National University of Singapore, Oct 2017
  • BEng in Industrial Engineering & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, Jun 2013
  • BEco in Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, Jun 2013

Research Interests

  • Data Analysis: applications in healthcare systems, manufacturing processes and environments
  • Statistical Inference: uncertainty quantification, robust estimation, Bayesian inference
  • Reliability Engineering: survival analysis, accelerated testing and degradation modelling
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Selected Publications

  • Chen, P., Fu, X., et al (2020), “Early Dengue Outbreak Detection Modeling Based on Dengue Incidences in Singapore during 2012-2017.” Statistics in Medicine.
  • Chen, P., Ye, Z.-S. and Zhai, Q. (2020), “Parametric Analysis of Time-Censored Aggregate Lifetime Data.” IISE Transactions.
  • Chen, P., Wang, B. X. and Ye, Z.-S. (2019), “Yield-based Process Capability Indices for Non-normal Continuous Data.” Journal of Quality Technology.
  • Chen, P., Ye, Z.-S. and Xiao, X. (2019), “Pairwise Model Discrimination with Applications in Lifetime Distributions and Degradation Processes.” Naval Research Logistics.
  • Chen, P. and Ye, Z.-S. (2018), “Uncertainty Quantification for Monotone Stochastic Degradation Models.” Journal of Quality Technology.
  • Chen, P. and Ye, Z.-S. (2018), “A Systematic Look at the Gamma Process Capability Indices.”European Journal of Operational Research.
  • Chen, P., Ye, Z.-S and Zhao, X. (2017), “Minimum Distance Estimation for the Generalized Pareto Distribution.” Technometrics.
  • Chen, P. and Ye, Z.-S. (2017), “Estimation of Field Reliability Based on Aggregate Lifetime Data.” Technometrics.
  • Chen, P., Xu, A and Ye, Z.-S. (2016),“Generalized Fiducial Inference for Accelerated Life Tests with Weibull Distribution and Progressively Type-II Censoring.” IEEE Transactions on Reliability.
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