Evangelia Giannikou

I am a Research Assistant at TU Delft, working on the Perfect Fit project, which focuses on computerized health coaching. I collaborate with Nele Albers and am supervised by Dr. Willem-Paul Brinkman.

Previously, I worked as a Research Assistant at Wageningen University and Research (NL), where I helped develop a comprehensive database of nutrition data for individuals with olfactory impairment. In 2022, I completed my master's in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Utrecht University (NL). During my studies, I gained expertise in UX Research, AI, and Data Science. For my master's thesis, I investigated the interaction between humans and nutrition chatbots using text adaptation and natural language generation.

My research interests focus on well-being and the use of persuasive technologies to achieve behaviour change. I am also interested in improving chatbots in these fields.