Myrthe Tielman

Research Interests:
My research focus lies on the intersection between human and technology. I'm interested in how we can employ computers to provide assistance and support for human problems. This includes social systems, affective technology, smart dialogues, knowledge systems and behavioral change.

Current project:
CoreSAEP aims to develop a reasoning framework to allow Socially Adaptive Electronic Partners to adapt their behavior to the norms and values of people. In this context, the e-partner needs to understand and reason about the users behavior and underlying norms, as well as interact with the user to maintain any changes, and support them in their behavior.

Past projects:
The Virtual E-coaching and Storytelling technology for Post-traumatic stress disorder (VESP) project looked at a home-therapy for PTSD patients where they can follow therapy at home. As this is challenging, we studied how a virtual agent could assist and motivate PTSD patients during therapy. The main focus lay on how the possibilities of the software can be used to provide personalized support and motivation.

The Aliz-e project concerned a robot as companion and teacher for children with diabetes. In this project, I studied how emotional engagement could be modeled in the robot to support the interaction between robot and child.

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