WE NEED YOU to design the new Free Library!

The Free Library at the Mekelpark -also known as the ReadMe library- was officially opened in June 2017. The library was initiated and maintained by the TU Delft Library and designed and built by Industrial Design Engineering alumni, with the finacial help of the ‘Stichting gebruikers van de TU Delft Library’.
These past years it has been a well-used mini library on our campus. A perfect spot to do some outdoor reading and an even better place to get new and exciting books. You will not find boring text books there, but books that intend to widen your knowledge in the fields of culture, literature, languages, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, psychology and much more.

Unfortunately the ReadMe library and the tree(stump) both need some TLC. This leaves us with a tree stump and the desire to rebuild a new free library -in the future known as our new Free Society Library- and we need you, our students, to share your design ideas with us!

Fire up your designing skills and make sure your design:

  • includes the tree stump of the old ReadMe free library (without its bark);
  • has the space to show and store at least 30 books in all sorts of weather, therefore it has to be weatherproof;
  • is sustainable, so it will be best to specify repurposed, durable materials that will be usable for at least five years (with a little upkeep if necessary);
  • includes a way to meet, sit, talk and read in the new Free Society library;
  • is able to be completed within a budget of 3000,- euros;
  • submitted no later than April 30, 2021.

The winner will:

  • win a 300,- euros stipend within the TU Delft;
  • be part of the team that completes the new free Society Library;
  • be interviewed by Delta;
  • have an amazing addition to their resume/portfolio.


Please submit a no longer than 2 pages .pdf document that includes:

  • Some combination of precedents (optional) / schematics / drawing / 3D rendering (or multiple);
  • A 250 word (max) description about the features of the design, materials, and sustainability plan, all in justification for why it should be chosen;
  • A small budget for cost, quantity, and source (hyperlinked) of materials (priority for sustainable, repurposed materials);
  • (optional) a 3D model (.obj zipped).

You can submit your design(s) at the service desks at the TU Delft Library and the Architecture Library, or email them to You have until April 30, 2021.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us through