100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning | Kick off | 20 October

20 October 2022 12:30 till 13:45 - Location: Teaching Lab - By: Teaching Academy | Add to my calendar

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Kick off event - 100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning?

The program team of '100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning' invites educators, educational support staff and all colleagues interested in / involved with data for learning to join this kick off event of the 100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning. The kick off will be an on-campus activity (in person, in the TU Delft Teaching Lab). However, for those who are unable to join us in the Teaching Lab, we are working an a way to contribute to the interactive Worldcafe tables asynchronously. 


12.30 | Walk-in. Lunch.
12.45 | Opening. Welcome. Introduction.  
13.00 | Interactive Worldcafe.
Three tables: 1) Science table - Journal Club and Science Speakers; 2) Hackathon table; 3) Argumentation Map table. 
13.45 | Closing

100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning

More details about the 100 DAYS OF... Data for Learning can be found on the programme page – Make sure you bookmark it  so you don’t miss out on any updates.

About the '100 DAYS OF...'  

The '100 DAYS OF' is an initiative organised by 4TU.CEE, LDE-CEL, TU Delft Teaching and Learning Services, TU Delft Extension School, and  TU Delft Teaching Academy to collaboratively  explore Data for Learning in engineering education.
After '100 DAYS' an artefact, product or activity - co-created with contributors and attendees of the 100 DAYS - will be shared to showcase our lessons learned, considerations, and ways to go forward for lecturers, coordinators, and education management.

In this edition of the “100 DAYS OF... ” we collaboratively explore Data for Learning in the context of (engineering) education.
Interested in this topic? Or want to get involved in this exploration. Make sure to sign up for this kick off and keep a close eye on the webpage dedicated to this initiative for an overview of our exploration and upcoming activities.